• Forbes 30 Under 30 2017

    Awarded membership to the prestigious 30 Under 30 Class of 2017: 300 of the brightest young entrepreneurs, leaders, stars to watch out for in Europe.

  • MIT $100k Accelerate

    I was invited to judge applicants to MIT’s Accelerate competition which is the second contest of the MIT $100K. The purpose is prototyping your idea. Twenty semi-finalists will have a small budget, access to industry experts, and a dedicated month over January to test the idea’s manifestation into a product or service.

  • MITx London Entrepreneurship Series

    You have an idea for a product, but do you know who will want to buy it? Many seemingly great ideas and technologies come to a sudden halt in the face of one simple, inescapable question. “Who is your customer?”. I chaired and organized this first sold-out event in a three part series on Disciplined Entrepreneurship.

  • MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Seoul

    Mentor and alumni speaker at the inaugural international MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is an intensive, week-long new ventures leadership program that gives Bootcampers a taste of drinking from the firehose that all MIT students experience.

  • Certificates, Reputation, and the Blockchain

    In 2015 the MIT Media Lab started issuing digital certificates to groups within the Media Lab community. At the start of 2016 I worked with both MIT ODL and the Media Lab Learning Initiative to issue certificates for former and future attendees of the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. With a long term goal to provide digital, independently verifiable, certificates on the blockchain to those who take MIT’s MOOCs. By late 2016 close to 150 certificates had been issued from http://certificates-bootcamp.mit.edu/.

  • AngelRaise

    AngelRaise is a platform that allows businesses to increase their survey response rates by donating to a charitable cause each time their surveys get answered. Nonprofits raise funds faster, respondents make an impact and businesses get the customer data they need. I am the Co-Founder Technology & Product of AngelRaise.

  • Acorn Hack

    AcornHack was a 2-day Hackathon-style event, held at the News UK offices, of young people aged 16-19 collaborated with University tech students to develop digital solutions to social problems. I was both a mentor and a developer with my team of four 17 year-old budding developer-entrepreneur women winning the grand prize and several other awards.

  • Cacophonly

    Cacophonly was an experiment to see how users would respond to the possibility of making and moderating annoymous statements. As a user types a hashtag they are presented with other statements that have used similar hashtags - in order to stimulate a ‘debate at a distance’. You only interact with emotive statements that are relevant to your entered hashtags so noise is limited to your expressed hashtag interest.

  • Harris Tweed Scarves

    I produced a collection of scarves made from Harris Tweed for the Autumn/Winter season in 2014 and 2015. Harris Tweed, handwoven and manufactured soley in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland from pure virgin wool, is the fabric of choice wherever quality and provenance are valued.

  • Mentive

    I’ve mentored several courses at Mentive. Knowledge turns dreams into reality. Education brings knowledge. Mentive is a global educational community where students and mentors meet to turn any online course into an interactive learning experience.

  • informedCitizen

    informedCitzen gives people the power, through vizualization, to quickly and intuitively analyze and share data linked to the performance of public officials. It was released as an iOS and Android app, built using ionic and AngularFire (Angular.JS and Firebase). It is now no longer available on the App or Play stores.

  • Power Couple / Startup Bus / Pirate Summit

    PowerCouple was developed while travelling from London to Cologne using a double-decker bus - a feat easier imagined than executed. We had 72 hours to start a new business, and pitch our ideas, in competition with 80 other startups. We were featured in the most read business magazine in Europe, BA Business Life and took second place in the competition.

  • Build a web app in 24 hours, and sleep!

    24 hours to test your latest and greatest idea. That’s all it takes. Don’t add another idea to the pile, leaving it to spend the next decade not being built. The worst feeling is when someone else goes big with an idea you thought only you could have. I’m currently in the process of developing a MOOC course covering this topic!

  • Color Me Up

    Ever wanted to pick a color for your brand, product or emotion? ColorMeUp.net uses an augmented version of David Merfield’s randomColor, under CC0 1.0 (very generous), to assign a bright and exciting color alongside an inspiring and meaningful name to each request entered.

  • WhyAfrica

    WhyAfrica is a news platform for Africa that utilizes realtime editing and propagation, bringing together the latest in html-based content creation with thought-leaders and influencers on the continent. Since its inception in 2014 WhyAfrica has undergone an incredible transformation and is now partnered with the Business Council for Africa in the UK.

  • bootcamp.mit.edu

    After a groundbreaking inaugural MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, the decision was made to move from an all encompassing subscription service to a custom constructed platform for both marketing the Bootcamp and receiving applications.

  • Git-based $100k Developer Writing Competition

    Fork up! AirPair’s Social Authoring experiment! AirPair’s 100k Writing Competition was a celebration of the newly created, git-backed, authoring tools. Allowing authors and readers to fork posts and send pull requests massively reduced the time it takes the authors to update their posts, or create a new version when an update to the tools or libraries used occurs.

  • in4o

    in4o is a a secure, anonymous, online marketplace for non-sensitive, but non-public corporate intelligence. A short project by myself, a Sloan MBA, and a MIT CS Grad who has been working in cinematography, gaming and AR.

  • UpLook & MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

    UpLook provided a single Point Of Sale for fashion blog readers, increasing conversions (and blogger’s commisions) by drastically reducing the sales cycle and removing multiple checkout frictions. The team was offered a $250k investment and office space in Cambridge, MA. Alongside winning the inaugural MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2014.

  • Olympic Opening Ceremony

    One of 50 performers selected to act as a Brunel alongside Kenneth Branagh. Significant on-camera time acting in one of the main protagonist groups in the first part of the opening ceremony - central to the transformation from the ‘Green and Pleasant Land’ through to the ‘Industrial Revolution’.

  • Data Journalism Handbook

    When you combine the sheer scale and range of digital information now available with a journalist’s “nose for news” and their ability to tell a compelling story, a new world of possibility opens up. The Data Journalism Handbook explores the potential, limits, and applied uses of this new and fascinating field.