One of 50 performers selected to act as a Brunel alongside Kenneth Branagh. Significant on-camera time acting in one of the main protagonist groups in the first part of the opening ceremony - central to the transformation from the ‘Green and Pleasant Land’ through to the ‘Industrial Revolution’.

By, fellow Brunel, Lawal Muhammad

“Your are either born a dancer, or you are not a dancer” was a statement from one of my closest friends, in 2010. Indeed she was a magnificent dancer and an inspiration, formerly of the Rome ballet and then moved on to be a professional hip-hop dancer. But I was determined to show that you can learn to do or be anything you can dream of! So after a couple of years of training, and having performed in a music video, I spotted the call for dancers for the Olypic Opening Ceremony in the studio where I trained.

London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony by maykal CC BY 2.0

Excited to have another opportunity to be involved (having missed the general volunteer call deadline) I passed through two intensive auditions and was invited to be part of a select group of characters. Rehersals ran from early 2012 up to the performance. Our dress-rehersal was infront of 60,000 people! This was truly an amazing opportunity to be a part of a moment that brought millions of people together to form memories of a lifetime.