Fork up! AirPair’s Social Authoring experiment! AirPair’s 100k Writing Competition was a celebration of the newly created, git-backed, authoring tools. Allowing authors and readers to fork posts and send pull requests massively reduced the time it takes the authors to update their posts, or create a new version when an update to the tools or libraries used occurs.

AirPair $100k Writing Competition

I managed the authoring for the competition, and contacting authors from sponsor communities. Approaching potential writers, both new and seasoned, and giving them a confidence push to make their difference with their posts. My favorite story was Rich McLaughlin who had abandoned his post, The Legend of Canvas, thinking that the project he played with during his lunch break was of no interest to anybody else. I convinced him to dig in and get it out there and we reached the front page of HackerNews and an impressive 10k hits in a single day to his post.

Another success out of the competition was meeting and befriending Gerard Sans. After his blog post he went on to organinse an Angular.JS and beers event in Spain, and is now a Google Developer Expert. I’m still awaiting the book I told him he will write, in the meantime though he has become an avid blogger on Angular.JS and JavaScript. Awesome!