PowerCouple was developed while travelling from London to Cologne using a double-decker bus - a feat easier imagined than executed. We had 72 hours to start a new business, and pitch our ideas, in competition with 80 other startups. We were featured in the most read business magazine in Europe, BA Business Life and took second place in the competition.

PowerCouple Team at Pirate Summit 2015, Lillian Le

PowerCouple was an application designed to help couples achieve goals, and be more adventurous, together. Strengthening relationships and helping people achive more was what inspired us and gelled the team together. PowerCouple started life as an idea on a napkin, and ended up in my list of ‘to-dos’. Thanks to the attitude in Building a Web App in 24 Hours and Sleeping it was given a new life, with a minimum viable prototype and hybrid mobile in 48 hours.

Pitching PowerCouple in a London Eye Capsule

The StartupBus fits (just) in Europe so it sits...

After being the most well received pitch to the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister our team went on to postition second overall in the European competition. We were offered investment and incubation by Allianz, that we decided to turn down.

As one of the leading Startup Bus contenders we also were entered into several further rounds of pitches at Pirate Summit in Cologne on the main event stage in which we came in second place.

The double-decker StartupBus, Anna-Liisa Liiver