I’ve mentored several courses at Mentive. Knowledge turns dreams into reality. Education brings knowledge. Mentive is a global educational community where students and mentors meet to turn any online course into an interactive learning experience.

One of my profiles on Mentive

I’ve mentored the following courses

  • BerkeleyX - CS169.1x Engineering Software as a Service, Part 1
  • BerkeleyX - CS169.2x Engineering Software as a Service, Part 2
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - UC3Mx Introduction to Programming with Java

My main motivation in working with Mentive to give back to the community which has enabled me to carve a new reality for myself. It has been amazing enabling students to achieve their goals both in the course and beyond. These students are some of the brightest people in the world, and it is truly a privilege to get to know them. In many ways this commitment mirrors my work on StackOverflow - attempting to give back to the awesome community of learners and teachers who freely give thier time.