AcornHack was a 2-day Hackathon-style event, held at the News UK offices, of young people aged 16-19 collaborated with University tech students to develop digital solutions to social problems. I was both a mentor and a developer with my team of four 17 year-old budding developer-entrepreneur women winning the grand prize and several other awards.

From encouraging the entreperneurial young ladies to get out and speak to their potential customers (their peers) for a revision app that was multi, rather than single, subject - through to chatting about the realities of deploying an app, we covered a lot of ground in 48 hours. We were super excited to launch our app, Study+, on the Google Play Store by the final presentations.

Drop the mic moment.

There was a fantasic ‘drop the mic’ moment when the Editor of TechCrunch asked the young ladies about the technologies used, and commented “We should probably ask the developer…“ One of the young ladies grabbed the mic and explained in detail the reason why we had chosen to develop using ionic as opposed to native, and how our rails backend integrated. Blew the crowd, and myself, away.

Corageously questioning, and sizing up the competition!

It was inspiring to see the confidence and tenacity throughout the presentation. Despite being infront of the Interim Director of TechStars, Editor of TechCrunch, countless CEOs and developers you couldn’t sense any nerves. Flawless deliveries were the flavor of the event, with each of the teams making incredible progress from the starting blocks.